Statement by President Qi Zhenhong at the 8th China-Nordic Thinktank Roundtable

CIIS | 作者: Qi Zhenhong | 時間: 2019-04-08 | 責編: Wang Jiapei
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Dear Friends,

Good Morning!

Today we are very glad to have the 8th China-Nordic Thinktank Roundtable held in Chengdu, a great city with the reputation of being “place of Heaven" and the "Land of Abundance”. On behalf of China Institute of International Studies, the Chinese initiator of this mechanism and the host of this year’s roundtable, I would like to pay our heart-felt gratitude to all those who have supported the roundtable those years in both China and the Nordic countries.

Since its establishment in 2006 through a joint efforts of China and the Nordic side, the roundtable has grown into a major platform for scholars and researchers from the two sides to explore cooperation and exchange views, and has been listed as one of the substantial mechanisms under the framework of “China-Nordic sub-regional cooperation” by the Chinese government and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Today, I have the following “one, two, three, four” points to share with you:

First, one changing world. The world today is seeing major developments, major changes and major adjustments, elements of “disorder” and “change” are intertwined, factors of uncertainty and instability are clearly rising. China thinks great changes unseen in a Hundred years are unfolding, and Europe is talking about “picking up pieces of international order”. People are pondering what has happened to the world, and where we are heading.

Second, two major forces. China and Europe has always been two major forces in safeguarding world peace and promoting common development. In face of the unfolding once-in-a-century changes in our world, China and Europe should and are able to inject strong positive impetus to the uncertain world. This is China and Europe’s responsibility and also expectation of the international community.

Third, three characteristics. China and Europe should steadfastly hold on to the “comprehensive”, “strategic”, “partnership” of their relationship, always perceive the relationship from strategic, long-term and all-rounded perspectives. No matter how regional and world affairs evolve, the comprehensive strategic partnership will not change and should not change. China and Europe may have competition in some areas, but are not rivals, not before, and not now and after.

Fourth, four partnerships. China and Europe should continue to build our partnership for peace, growth, reform and civilization.

Safeguarding world peace is our shared responsibility. Both China and Europe are important forces for safeguarding world peace. Nordic countries have played a unique role in peacekeeping, preventing and mediating regional conflicts. As member of the UNSC and the second largest contributor of the UN peacekeeping budget, China has always live up to its role as a responsible major country. Under the new situation, China and Europe should continue to join hands, maintaining harmonious relationship and striving to make greater contribution to world peace.

Promoting world economic growth is our shared task. China will continue to pursue the Belt and Road Initiative in cooperation with the international community, guided by the principle of achieving shared growth through consultation and collaboration. There are now 124 countries and 29 international and regional organizations that have signed BRI cooperation agreements with China. It is my conviction that the “Silk Road on Ice” (SRI) has great potential in deepening economic cooperation between China and Nordic countries and stimulating growth in the Arctic region. An open global economy serves the interests of us all. We would like to see the discussion and exchanges in this roundtable bring about more sparkles of wisdom and ingenious ideas to support our cooperation forward.

Pushing for reform is our shared policy direction. Last year marks China’s 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening up. Standing at a new historical beginning, China will open its door wider and wider. In the meantime, Europe is considering a series of reform measures to cope with difficulties and challenges. We believe our respective reform endeavors serve to expand shared interests and commonality, rather than create conflicts and frictions. In addition, China and Europe have great potential to achieve in their cooperation to promote reform in global governance.

Enhancing civilizational and cultural exchanges is our shared wish. That China embarks on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the choice of history and the choice of people. China is always willing to learn from beneficial experiences and practices of other countries, Nordic countries included. In the meantime, China is willing to share and exchange views with the international community on governance. However, China will not import ideology or development model. If some countries are interested, we are willing to exchange and share.

I hope the above mentioned four points can be of reference for our discussion and exchanges. It is my sincere hope that dear participants of this roundtable, researchers and scholars, could fully and freely exchange ideas and communicate opinions, so as to provide constructive advice to enhance China-Europe cooperation and China-Nordic cooperation.

Thank you!


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