The "16+1 Global Partnership Center" is Officially Unveiled

CIIS | 作者: Yang Bowen | 時間: 2019-04-15 | 責編: 羅程
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From April 10 to 14, President Qi Zhenhong headed a delegation to Croatia to attend the 8th Summit of Central and Eastern European Countries & China and witness the unveiling ceremony of the "16+1 Global Partnership Center". On April 12, Premier Li Keqiang, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovi? jointly unveiled the "16+1 Global Partner Center" and announced the official establishment of the "16+1 Global Partnership Center".

“16+1 Global Partnership Center” (the GPC) is an important achievement reached by the leaders summit of China and Central and Eastern European Countries in Sofia last year, and is also an innovation under the "16+1" framework. The GPC is an unofficial, non-profit think tank consultancy that will provide policy, legal advice and intellectual support to promote trade and investment cooperation between the companies of two sides and to promote the in-depth development of “16+1 cooperation”.

Our institute, as one of the co-presidents, will co-host and conduct a series of communications, research and training programs with the president of European side-- the Institute of Marketing of Bulgaria, to enhance pragmatic cooperation between all parties and enhance the openness and attractiveness of “16+1 cooperation” in the EU and the international community. As Greece officially joined the Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs), the work of the GPC will be further expanded.

During this summit, President Qi Zhenhong met with the partner of Bulgarian side—director of Institute of Marketing attached to the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria and co-signed the Charter of GPC.

President Qi Zhenhong and the delegation also exchanged views with Hu Zhaoming, Chinese Ambassador to Croatia, on promoting cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries.

Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister of Bulgaria and Croatia jointly unveiled the GPC

The co-presidents of GPC jointly witnessed the unveiling ceremony

The co-presidents of GPC co-signed the Charter

President Qi Zhenhong and Amb. Hu Zhaoming

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