President Qi Zhenhong Heads a Delegation to Visit U.A.E.,Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

CIIS | 作者: Li Zixin | 時間: 2019-09-11 | 責編:
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From August 27 to September 5, 2019, President QI Zhenhong led a delegation to visit the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia to conduct research on the capacity cooperation between China and Gulf Arab countries, and to conduct in-depth exchanges on local situation and hot issues with local officials and scholars.

The delegation visited the U.A.E Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Emirates Policy Center, the Kuwaiti Diplomatic Academy, the Kuwait Highest Plan Development Committee, Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority, International Institute for Iranian Studies,Center for Research & Intercommunication Knowledge,etc..

Amb. NI Jian, Chinese Ambassador to U.A.E, Amb. LI Minggang, Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait and Amb. CHEN Weiqing, Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia met with the delegation.

 The delegation visits Emirates Policy Center

Amb. Li Minggang meets with the delegation

The delegation visits the Kuwaiti Diplomatic Academy

Amb. Chen Weiqing meets with the delegation

The delegation visits Saudi Arabia International Institute for Iranian Studies


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