The First Training Course of “17+1 Global?Partnership?Center”was Successfully Held

CIIS | 作者: 楊博文 | 時間: 2019-09-12 | 責編: 趙旭磊
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From September 9th to 11th, the first training cours of "17+1 Global Partnership Center" (the GPC) hosted by CIIS was successfully held in Beijing. Representatives from nearly 20 well-known Chinese enterprises like China Railway Group Limited(CREC), CRRC and COSCO attended the course. Experts from Chinese GPC member institutes, Minister of Hungarian Embassy in China, as well as former senior diplomats to Central and Eastern European Countries gave lectures and in-depth exchange of views with participants on the topic of political and economic situation, business environment as well as cooperation potential in Central and Eastern European Region.

The GPC is an important achievement of cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries. It committed to provide policy, legal consultation and intellectual support for the 17+1 cooperation. As GPC's Chinese presidential institute, CIIS will continue to promote the pragmatic cooperation between China and Cetral and Eastern European Countries by training, research and communication.

Opening Ceremony

Senior Diplomat Communication Symposium

Peter Deak, Minister of the Hungarian Embassy in China, Communicates with the Participants

Graduation Ceremony

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